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Nick Szabo Originally published in 2002. Abstract . The precursors of money, along with language, enabled early modern humans to solve problems of cooperation that other animals cannot - including problems of reciprocal altruism, kin altruism, and the mitigation of aggression. These precursors shared with non-fiat currencies very specific characteristics - they were not merely symbolic or. Nick Szabo's articles, essays and concise tutorials. Just finished reading 'Shelling out', one of the best text found online so far I dare say. This man is a Todd Boyle slot snuggler 'of the first hour' as the Dutch have it (besides all the trouble ungenerousness therewith brings along). But I'll talk of an effectively and literally organizing.

N ick Szabo is a guy that you don't know, but should. At first glance, Szabo is the nerd next door. He's a polymath, a cryptocurrency buff, and something of a recluse. But if the rumors are true,.. Nick Szabo December 29, 2005. A long time ago I hit upon the idea of bit gold. The problem, in a nutshell, is that our money currently depends on trust in a third party for its value. As many inflationary and hyperinflationary episodes during the 20th century demonstrated, this is not an ideal state of affairs. Similarly, private bank note issue, while it had various advantages as well as. Nick Szabo ist ein Informatiker, Rechtsgelehrter und Kryptograph, der für seine Forschung in digitalen Verträgen und in digitaler Währung bekannt ist. 1989 schloss er sein Studium der Informatik an der University of Washington ab. Er hat eine Honorarprofessur an der Universidad Francisco Marroquín inne Nick Szabo is a computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer known for his research in digital contracts and digital currency. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1989 with a degree in computer science and received a law degree from George Washington University Law School

Kein Wunder also, dass Nick Szabo immer wieder in Verdacht gerät der anonyme Erschaffer von Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, zu sein. And those happen in stages. Satoshi even refers to the earlier use of Bitcoin being a collectible before SoV/MoE just like Nick Szabo — Dan Held (@danheld) June 7, 2019. Oder auch hier: I noticed this also. In my opinion, Nick Szabo is the closest we have to. Nick Szabo A premier thinker about history, law and economics, and the lessons they have for security. -- Adam Shostack, Emergent Chaos Szabo comes out with these essays that leave me in awe. -- Brian Dunbar Reading material that is eclectic, challenging and endlessly fascinating. -- Sean McGrath, Propylo Nick Szabo arbeitete 2005 als Berater bei eCash Technologies - später DigiCash -, ein Unternehmen, das bargeldlose und vor allem anonyme Finanztransaktionen ermöglichen wollte. Nachdem. Nick Szabo is a computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer known for his research in digital contracts and digital currency. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1989 with a degree in computer science. He holds an honorary professorship at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín Szabo's article, Smart Contracts, was published in early 1996 in the magazine Extropy, and forecast with prescient accuracy the benefits and parameters of the blockchain contract applications in development and making blockchain news headlines today

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I wish that I have read this essay before I started learn economy. Gratefully I started my learning after I was intrigued by bitcoin in 2014. Majority history and phenomenons I have learnt so far come from Chinese culture. I come to the same understanding of Nick Szabo's conclusion but less mature nor roundup Nick Szabo February 9, 2017. Introduction. Blockchains are all the rage. The oldest and biggest blockchain of them all is Bitcoin, which over its eight-year history so far starshipped in value from 10,000 bitcoins per pizza (before there were exchanges that priced bitcoin in traditional currencies) to over $1,000 per bitcoin. As of this writing Bitcoin has a market capitalization of over $16. Nick Szabo Originally published in 1998. The advent of writing greatly improved the tracking of property rights, and indeed gave rise to our modern systems of property rights and law. However, written records have proven to be quite vulnerable to abuse. A common pattern during eras of political instability or oppression has been the confiscation of land via the forgery or destruction of public.

Szabo writes. I always say that reading an essay by Nick Szabo is worth like six months of university courses. It was actually when we started to work together that I began reading his essays multiple times, with more attention, so I could understand his thinking. I usually write down the parts and snippets I don't comprehend, and then I do. His papers, essay, and tutorials on a variety of topics are genius, the most notable of his research is papers on BitGold and smart contract. We will explore the two later on. He tackles all his topics with authority. But, his work on cryptography, blockchain, and Bitcoin are exciting reads. He goes into details of the functionality of the crypto world. Nick Szabo goes around the globe giving. Nick Szabo's Essays, Papers, and Concise Tutorials. I blog at Unenumerated . Mining the Vasty Deep. Most of the earth's surface lies under the seas. Little of that has so far been explored much less tapped. Advanced technology now allows exploration and extraction of a wide variety of raw materials from the ocean depths Nick Szabo. Auditing controls might fairly be called the security protocols of capitalism [but] auditing is in deep conflict with efforts towards greater privacy. -Nick Szabo. Don't miss a great read and conversation on auditing, confidentiality, privacy, and how Bitcoin has changed the game

Nick Szabo is a computer scientist, legal professional and a living legend in both the cryptocurrency and cryptography worlds for several reasons. While he has other significant accomplishments, h - Nick Szabo. Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4) is a polymath. The breadth and depth of his interests and knowledge are truly astounding. He's a computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer best known for his pioneering research in digital contracts and cryptocurrency. The phrase and concept of smart contracts were developed by Nick with the goal of bringing what he calls the. Nick Szabo - der smarte Kopf hinter den Smart Contracts. Der studierte Informatiker und Rechtswissenschaftler Nick Szabo ist wie kein zweiter dafür verantwortlich, dass aus dem bloßen Transaktionsregister Blockchain ein dynamisches Anwendungstool für unterschiedlichste Bereiche entsteht. Das von ihm entwickelte Konzept der Smart Contracts. Meet Nick Szabo: The Silent Genius Who Created Bitcoin - CHAPTER [1.6] This is Chapter [1.6] of our research on 'Bitcoin Is Scam'. Meet Nick Szabo, the polymath who created and coded bitcoin software. If you read the white paper released by Satoshi on 31 st Oct 2008 to Metzdowd.com cryptography mailing list or his 575 forum posts at. Bitcoin's original name was Bitgold and it took Nick Szabo about a decade from 1998 to 2005 to convert his Bit Gold idea into Bit Coin reality. He shared his idea of a decentralized cryptocurrency entitled Bit gold for the first time publicly in 2005 on his blog. Those who have read the contents of this blog post, are shocked to find over 99% resemblance between Bitgold and Bitcoin key.

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Nick Szabo's zodiac sign is Aries. Nick Szabo zodiac sign is a Aries. Dates of Aries are March 21 - April 19. Those born under the Aries zodiac sign have an exciting and enthusiastic energy. They often seek new and challenging adventures that can push their limits. They are brave, direct, fearless, independent and have deep sense of justice. They love competition, in all its forms. Although. Nick Szabo. El principal objetivo de estos contratos inteligentes es que muchos tipos de cláusulas contractuales puedan ser incorporadas en los hardwares y softwares que se utilizan para sistemas de pago o de intercambio de valor, de forma tal que incumplir el contrato resulte costoso (si se desea, a veces prohibitivo) para el infractor

Nick Szabo is one of the famous computer scientists, legal scholars, and cryptographers who belong from America. Szabo has developed a concept of smart protocols with the target of upbringing the practice to the design of electronic commerce protocols between strangers on the Internet. He was a very sharp child from his childhood. In 1998, Szabo designed a mechanism for a decentralized digital. Nick Szabo is a cypherpunk and cryptocurrency pioneer who in the 1990s proposed smart contracts as well as Bit Gold, a predecessor to Bitcoin. He has also written some of the most influential articles in the cryptocurrency space, including Shelling Out: The Origins Of Money, Trusted Third Parties Are Security Holes and Money, Blockchains, And Social Scalability. At Bitcoin. The term smart contracts was originally coined by cryptographer Nick Szabo in the early 1990s. Szabo saw a contract as a set of promises agreed to by a meeting of the minds. He aptly noted that computers make it possible to run algorithms. First, the contract terms are translated into code—a series of if-then functions. Once a condition is met, the smart contract will take the next. Nick Szabo was born on the 5th of April, 1964. He is known for being a Computer Scientist. He is a well-respected computer scientist similar to Jon Bentley . Nick Szabo's age is 57. American computer scientist who is best known for his work in blockchain and cryptocurrency domains. He has a popular blog called Unenumerated

Nick Szabo conceived of Bit gold after addressing inefficiencies of the traditional financial system and the use of precious metals as currency. A decentralized financial network (Bit gold) could remove dependence from financial institutions while providing seamless operation across borders; The vision of Bit gold was realized by Bitcoin over a decade later and the two protocols share a very. Nick Szabo; Published 2018; The contract, a set of promises agreed to in a meeting of the minds, is the traditional way to formalize a relationship. While contracts are primarily used in business relationships (the focus of this article), they can also involve personal relationships such as marraiges. Contracts are also important in politics, not only because of social contract theories.

Nick Szabo is a rather mysterious figure and very little is currently known about him. We know that he is an American engineer, of Hungarian origin, who studied Computer Science at the University of Washington, where he graduated in 1989 when he already showed a great interest in everything related to privacy and cryptography The Idea of Smart Contracts by Nick Szabo (1997) 1 ] 0 ] Posted Under: Articles. 12 months ago. What is the meaning and purpose of security? How does it relate the the relationships we have? I argue that the formalizations of our relationships — especially contracts — provide the blueprint for ideal security. Many kinds of contractual clauses (such as collateral, bonding, delineation. Nick Szabo es una figura bastante misteriosa y actualmente se sabe muy poco sobre él. Sabemos que es es un ingeniero estadounidense, de origen húngaro, que estudió Informática en la Universidad de Washington, donde se graduó en 1989 cuando ya mostraba un gran interés por todo aquello relacionado con la privacidad y la criptografía

Nick Szabo is a computer scientist, cryptographer and legal scholar who played a pivotal role in the development of ideas that are commonly used in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Szabo is credited with coining the term 'smart contracts' and, in 1998, designed Bit Gold, a decentralized digital currency that, although never released, is considered to be the forerunner of. Nick Szabo celebrates his birthday on the 5th of April. He is currently 56 years of age born in the year 1964. Nick stands at a tall height of about 6 feet and 5 inches. In addition to this, he also has maintained his weight to about 86 kg. No doubt he has a fit and healthy body. The net worth details of the computer scientist are not known. But no doubt he must be making some huge amounts.

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Craig Wright. Nick Szabo. One of the most enduring mysteries of bitcoin is the identity of its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. Little is known about him. His last communication was in April 2011, two. The Bit Gold proposal, by Nick Szabo, describes a system for the decentralized creation of unforgeable proof of work chains, with each one being attributed to its discoverer's public key, using timestamps and digital signatures. It is said that these proofs of work would have value because they would be scarce, difficult to produce, could be securely stored and transferred The Nick Szabo episode on What Bitcoin Did show, titled Cypherpunks, Money and Bitcoin was the fastest podcast to reach 10,000 downloads in the first 20 hours of its release in WBD's history. While we will openly admit the title of asking whether or not Satoshi Nakamoto is Nick Szabo was a bit hyped up, there are some subtleties that are well-worth the listen to in what one prominent. Ник Сабо (англ. Nick Szabo) — учёный в области информатики, криптографии, а также в области права, известный в связи с исследованиями в области умных контрактов и криптовалюты.Закончил Вашингтонский университет (University of.

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  1. In both the cryptocurrency and cryptography worlds, Nick Szabo is legendary. While he may not be a household name, Nick Szabo is highly revered among the crypto enthusiasts. He is both a computer scientist, as well as a legal scholar. It was in 1996 that he brought forth the concept of smart contracts. Those smart [
  2. ed Nick Szabo's writing and compared it to text from the original Bitcoin paper by Nakamoto. According to Dr. Grieve, there's a considerable chance that Szabo is indeed the.
  3. Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4) is a polymath. He's a computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer best known for his pioneering research in digital contracts and cryptocurrency. Nick also designed Bit Gold, which many consider the precursor to Bitcoin. This episode was co-hosted by Naval Ravikant - host of The Naval Podcast (check out the Podcast Notes) Books Mentioned Surely You're.
  4. Nick's Dishonesty. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby the main character, Nick Carraway, believes that he is an honest person. Though he is very honest compared to the majority of characters in this novel, he fails to reserve all judgement when faced with the unpropitious East coast and finds himself wound up in the mess created by those around him
  5. Nick Szabo. 2. The second best result is Nick Szabo age 18+ in Metuchen, NJ in the Metuchen neighborhood. Nick is related to Sophia P Szabo and Damarysa Szabo. Select this result to view Nick Szabo's phone number, address, and more. Nick Szabo. 3. The third result is Nick Szabo age 20s in Flushing, MI

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Shelling Out: The Origins of Money - Essay by Nick Szabo. 10/22/2018. submitted by /u/belcher_ Related Posts. Stablecoin Demand in 2021 Skyrockets, Fiat-Pegged Token Financial system Nears $100 Billion Every part You Want To Know About Bitcoin And Taxes Purchase the Dip: Microstrategy Grabs $15 Million Extra Bitcoin — Now Holds 91,850 BTC in Treasury Elon Musk Pronounces Tesla Has. A carefully curated collection of artwork, handwritten lyrics, photographs, personal possessions and essays, Stranger Than Kindness is a proper deep-dive into the story and creative processes of Nick Cave ― * NME, Best Music Books of the Year * [Takes] us on a detailed journey into his creative psyche. It features everything from school reports and scribbled shopping lists to lyric sheets. View Nick Szabo's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Nick has 8 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Nick's connections and jobs at similar companies Nick palmisciano essay for free essays on nietzsche Apr 9, 2021. The foundations of thought and planning, for these inexperienced writers nick palmisciano essay. 7. It would also like to take. I have seen the light of ethnic iden- tity. The character s actions and judgments of some form of communication and materials are still facing serious barriers that blocked their ability to look after.

Nick Sabol, doing business in the recording industry as Sound Farm Productions, applied to Morton Community Bank for a $58,000 loan to expand his business. Besides the loan application, Sabol signed a promissory note that referred to the bank s rights in any collateral. Sabol also signed a letter authorizing Morton Community Bank to execute, _le, and record all _nancing statements, amendments. Nick Szabo's idea of smart contracts is nothing but an extension of this natural cycle in the age past industrial revolution — the new Digital Age. In his 1996 article he states: The basic idea of smart contracts is that many kinds of contractual clauses (such as liens, bonding, delineation of property rights, etc.) can be embedded in the hardware and software we deal with, in such a.


  1. Nick Szabo, the inventor of smart contracts and Bit Gold, laid the foundation for the creation of Bitcoin. He defined smart contracts 14 years before Bitcoin. Then he theorized bits having value based on proof of work 5 years before Bitcoin. With degrees in both computer science and law, and an intense fascination in the history of money, it is no surprise Nick Szabo was ahead of his block.
  2. Nick Szabo is a legal scholar, computer scientist, and cryptographer. In a 1994 paper, he introduced the concept for smart contracts before creating the Bit Gold concept in 1998. Bit Gold was one of the first proposals for a decentralized digital currency and is regarded as a precursor to Bitcoin. Personal information about Szabo remains largely anonymous, but he continues to contribute to the.
  3. Nick Szabo is a computer scientist and cryptographer who is known for the invention of Bit Gold, one of Bitcoin's predecessors. Additionally, Szabo had invented the concept of smart contracts , which he initially described as highly evolved contract law and e-commerce protocol practices between multiple parties across the internet
  4. Nick Szabo is a computer scientist and legal scholar, who graduated from the University of Washington in 1989 with a degree in computer science. He is not only one of the most well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, but also a thinker who often discusses law, technology, personal freedom, philosophy and other issues on his blog and elsewhere

Nick Szabo claims that Ethereum's leadership is showing clear signs of becoming a force to be reckoned with but it is also becoming a centralized cult as we are about to find out more in the ethereum news below. Ethereum is known to be inherently democratic but there is also an inherent need to perform a series of hard forks and upgrades. Ethereum has unrolled to drive to move on to the ETH. No entanto, não há provas concretas que Nick Szabo seja de fato Satoshi Nakamoto. Uma grande coincidência é o silêncio de Nick Szabo sobre o Bitcoin. Em Abril de 2008 ele propõe o Bitgold, por sua vez, o Bitcoin surge em Outubro de 2008. Szabo permaneceu em silêncio por um intervalo de 6 meses, até metade de 2009. O que é muito tempo, considerando que ele fazia parte do núcleo dos. Cypherpunk cryptographer and smart contract pioneer Nick Szabo is one of the most tenured and widely respected thought leaders in the fledgling cryptoverse, so his words pack an extra punch for many. He's just notably leveled a Twitter salvo at the infamous 'bitcoin is the next Dutch Tulip Bubble' thesis accordingly. Also see: The Ryan Gosling ICO Wasn't the First with a Fake Team Satoshi Nakamoto is Possibly Nick Szabo. Nick Szabo, a US computer scientist, and cryptographer is considered by some to be the founder of Bitcoin. Nick coined the concept of digital currency for the digital age by creating Bit Gold. Bit Gold was the ancestor of Bitcoin. However, it was not used by the masses because of limitations. After analysis of Satoshi's white paper, a blogger.

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Nick Szabo區塊鏈新聞快訊, Nick Szabo快訊, 新聞, 資訊, Nick Szabo是什麼, Nick Szabo介紹, 三分鐘瞭解Nick Szabo, 一文讀懂, 如何評價Nick Szabo, Nick Szabo網站, 官網, Nick Szabo什麼意思, Nick Szabo解讀, Nick Szabo意義, Nick Szabo怎麼樣, Nick Szabo技術, 主網, 上線, 挖礦, 空投, Nick Szabo購買, 交易所, 投資, 如何參 Nick Szabo hat sich über Twitter zu der aktuellen Situation von Ethereum geäußert. Während Ethereum von Natur aus demokratisch war, hat die Notwendigkeit, eine Reihe von Hardforks und Upgrades durchzuführen, das Entwicklerteam in die Verantwortung genommen. Anfang des nächsten Jahres soll es endlich soweit sein und Ethereum plant PoS einzuführen. Aber während die frühen Hardforks mit. Nick Szabo was born on April 5, 1964 in United States (56 years old). Nick Szabo is a Computer Scientist, zodiac sign: Aries.Find out Nick Szabonet worth 2020, salary 2020 detail bellow Nick Szabo. Advisor at Etherplan. Location: United States. Add to My Lists. Claim. Embed. Nick is a computer scientist, writer, and holds a JD degree from George Washington University Law School. He is known for his research in digital contracts and digital property. The phrase and concept of smart contracts was developed by Nick with the.

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Nick Szabo est un informaticien, juriste et cryptographe connu pour ses travaux de recherche sur les contrats numériques et la monnaie numérique.Il est diplômé de l'université de Washington en 1989 avec un diplôme en sciences informatiques [1]. L'expression et le concept de « contrats intelligents » ont été développés par Szabo dans le but d'apporter ce qu'il appelle des pratiques. Computer scientist and cryptographer Nick Szabo says he believes central banks may decide to boost their reserves with crypto. The prediction is one of several made by Szabo at the first Israel Bitcoin Summit, as reported by Finance Magnates. There's going to be some situations where a central bank can't trust a foreign central bank or government with their bonds, for example. One. Nick Capo is an associate professor of English at Illinois College. He grew up in Pennsylvania, earning a B.A. and a M.F.A. in English at Pennsylvania State University. Capo now lives with his wife, Beth, in Jacksonville, Illinois. Related Essays. Basketball and My Dad by: Caroline; The Power of Fishing by: Johnnie Barmore; Appreciating the Moment by: Jay Hasheider; Donate. If you enjoyed this. Nick Szabo is an American cryptography specialist, known for pioneering work in digital currencies. Considered by many to be the father of smart contracts, a concept he developed in the 1990's. A few years later, Szabo implemented Bit Gold - a digital currency which laid the framework for several ideas behind modern cryptocurrencies. In a [

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Nick Szabo: Layer 1 is digital gold and Layer 2 is digital cash (among other things it can be — RSK is an example of Layer 2 for smart contracts). Demelza Hays: Over the past decade, the correlation between Bitcoin and gold has been between positive 0.2 and negative 0.2 and has a slightly positive uptrend at the moment. Since some of gold's demand comes from non-monetary purposes such as. Nick Szabo, the cryptographer known for his research on digital currency, wrote an article about smart contracts as early as 1995. Szabo's article, Smart Contracts, was published in early 1996 in the magazine Extropy , and forecast with prescient accuracy the benefits and parameters of the blockchain contract applications in development and making blockchain news headlines today

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Stevie nicks essays for college essay personal statement tips. Recent researches in the stevie nicks essays advertising because of its employees, patrick macey. Value innovation is not even his homeroom teacher or coach, because therefore, a good clause, you cannot hope to attain herfindahl hirschman b, e index than industry x. C some oligopolistic industries is c buyers perception of the. Nick Szabo has been involved in the digital currency space since Bitcoin (BTC) was created. He has also developed the concept of BtGold which was a digital currency created in 1998 that was never implemented. At the same time, he also conceptualized smart contracts in 1996. During an event in Israel, he explained that cryptocurrencies could be viewed as a good alternative to central bank. Nick Szabo: Bitcoin im Atombunker Bitcoin könnte einen Atomkrieg überleben. Mit diesen Worten illustriert Nick Szabo, BitGold-Erfinder und eine der einflussreichsten Persönlichkeiten im Krypto-Kosmos, seine bullishe Haltung gegenüber BTC & Co. Der Experte für Kryptographie sprach auf dem Israel Bitcoin Summit unter anderem über das immense Potenzial für Länder mit dysfunktionalen. View the profiles of professionals named Nick Szabo on LinkedIn. There are 30+ professionals named Nick Szabo, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities Relationship between smart contracts and traditional law • A smart contract, like the repo man, is a security protocol that controls the burden of lawsuit • If possession is 9/10 of the law, then a cross-border, blockchain-based financia

Nick Szabo Radyo Üzerinden Bitcoin Gönderme İşlemleriAlumnus brings startup to StWer ist Satoshi Nakamoto? [90%ige Wahrscheinlichkeit]On the Origins of Bitcoin | Satoshi Nakamoto Institute[Part 2] FYI: Nick Szabo is an avid Trump supporter, pro

This is visible from the very quote being discussed in this essay: Nick states that he is one of the few honest people [he knows]. This shows clearly how Nick does not put much in store by modesty or restraint or objectivity, even when discussing his self. These theatrics furthermore lead to inconsistencies and further contradictions within the narrative—Nick states at one point that. IEEE Xplore Full-Text PDF Nick Szabo was born in mid-1960s, on 5 April 1964 to be more precise, during the era of protests. Vietnam War and Civil Rights protests dominated the decade in those times. Szabo is claimed to be the son of a Hungarian native and he cites this lineage as part of what brought him to the crypto space, and to embrace a search for less violent solutions to money. His height is 1.96 m tall, and his. Nick Szabo was born in United States on Sunday, April 5, 1964 (Baby Boomers Generation). He is 57 years old and is a Aries. He has amassed over 240,000 followers to his Twitter page. He is a self-proclaimed pioneer for smart contracts. He created his well known Twitter account in June 2014. The education details are not available at this time. Please check back soon for updates. Nick Szabo is. The movement from static to dynamic media promises to bring about a fourth cost revolution in the related areas of jurisdiction, trust, and security. Impacts on business will be felt in law, accounting, auditing, billing, collections, contracts, confidentiality, and so on: in short, the entire nature of our business relationships will be altered in ways only partially foreseeable

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