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  1. A seed phrase is a string of words created by your cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to access the cryptocurrency associated with that wallet. Consider a wallet to be a password manager for cryptocurrency, and the seed phrase to be the master password. You'll have access to all of the crypto associated with the wallet that created the phrase as long as you have your seed phrase — even if you uninstall or lose the wallet
  2. Crypto.com Capital will lead funding rounds with investments of between $100,000 and $3 million at seed stage and between $3 million and $10 million at Series A
  3. Above all else, The Seed Of Life is a support network, community, and charity. For the people, by the people. We started this project in the hope that we can reach out and support those who need it most, those who don't know they do, and everyone in-between. You see, The Seed of Life is more than just crypto. It's a collective. We had one priority starting this project; to provide a space for men to be heard
  4. Crypto.com Capital, the venture arm of Crypto.com invests in crypto startups at Seed and Series A stages. With $200 million earmarked for investment, Crypto.com Capital is committed to accelerating..

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April 2021 - Das Kryptowährungs-Startup Atani bietet eine One-Stop-Trading-Suite für Krypto-Enthusiasten. Nun gibt Atani den Abschluss einer erfolgreichen Seed-Finanzierungsrunde über 6,25 Millionen US-Dollar bekannt. Namhafte europäische Risikokapitalfonds beteiligten sich an der Runde Seeds Coin Price & Market Data. Seeds price today is $0.039836714883 with a 24-hour trading volume of ?. SEEDS price is down % in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 SEEDS coins and a max supply of 3.14 Billion. If you are looking to buy or sell Seeds, Newdex is currently the most active exchange. SEEDS isn't just a better way to pay. It's a solution to the greatest crises of our time

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It's a nightmare to remember or keep all your crypto wallets' private keys securely and that's why when you first create your Crypto.com DeFi Wallet, each coin's private key is run through a standardized algorithm to become one master private key, and this master private key is then run through another standardized algorithm to become your 12-word recovery phrase Seeds (SEEDS)ist eine digitale Währung mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von $0. Seeds wird als in der globalen Kryptowährungsbewertung mit einem durchschnittlichen täglichen Handelsvolumen von $12.2 eingestuft. Derzeit wird es zum $0.07 bewertet. In den letzten 24 Stunden hat sich der Preis um -14.365% geändert. Es gibt 0 im Umlauf. Die Liquiditätswert ist 1. Die Kryptowährungsbewertung, der BeInCrypto-Community ist 6.677. Der dedizierte Twitter-Account hat 1.4K Follower Crypto.com is the new breed of trading platform that studied the cons of other popular exchanges created an infrastructure that gives all the tools required to manage a lucrative crypto-trading company. Even though, Crypto.com has not been on the market as long as other listed exchanges, I believe it's a very solid alternative to Coinbase Go to Settings > Security, tap [ Recovery Phrase] Tap [ See tips] to revisit the security tips on where to store your recovery phrase safely in an offline, secure location. Tap [ Continue] to enter your passcode (and 2FA code if enabled) to revisit your recovery phrase

New York Attorney General Letitia James secured a court order halting the operation of crypto trading platform Coinseed. AG James filed a lawsuit against Coinseed last month. Meanwhile, Coinseed's CEO sees the actions as bullying and harassment against a small exchange. promo Crypto.com Weekly DeFi Update (Week 22, 31/05/2021 - 06/06/2021) According to CoinGecko, the top 100 DeFi tokens' market cap increased from the lows of $84.4B on Monday to the highs of $98.6B on Friday. At the time of writing, the market cap dropped back to $89.6B; their dominance in the crypto space sits at 5.3% Crypto.com. 205,530 likes · 137,717 talking about this. Crypto.com - the best place to buy, sell, and pay with crypto Crypto Seed offers the ultimate Cryptocurrency reviews, helpful Crypto guides, and useful tips. We are not financial advisors and all our content is based on cryptocurrency statistics, facts, and personal opinions Crypto Startup Atani Raises $6.25 Million Seed Round. Madrid, Spain. April 6th, 2021 — Cryptocurrency startup Atani, a company offering a one-stop trading suite for crypto enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce the completion of a successful seed funding round for $6.25 million

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The Team — Seed of Life. For the people, by the people. Seed of Life. The Team How to Buy Buy SEED White Paper Chart Contract Testimonials AMAs Volunteer. Meet the Family. Chelsi Snyder. Indiana, US. Chelsi (pictured left) with the late Preston Pameijer, whose love and encouragement was a considerable inspiration for Seed of Life. Fazan Syed XMETAL CRYPTO STAINLESS STEEL SEED PHRASE BACKUP (PLATE ONLY) XMETAL CRYPTO STAINLESS STEEL SEED PHRASE BACKUP (PLATE ONLY) Regular price. $14.99. Sale price. $14.99. Regular price. $40.00. Unit price

Crypto.com Capital provides creators integrating in the crypto market 2 things: a trusted lead financier for their Seed or Series A rounds, and concern of launch on the world's fastest growing retail crypto platform with over 10 million users. Crypto.com Capital will lead seed rounds with cheque sizes in between $100k and $3m and Series A rounds from $3m to $10m Crypto.com. 192,959 likes · 275,213 talking about this. Crypto.com - the best place to buy, sell, and pay with crypto MagicSeed is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet seedphrase backup encryption device that helps every bitcoin and cryptoasset user easily remember their words as 'who owns the seed owns the coin'. Introducing MagicSeed: A Comprehensive Review Guide In the past, we delved into the world of hard wallets (Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey) for those people that are looking..

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Sesameseed Coin Price & Market Data. Sesameseed price today is $0.098916 with a 24-hour trading volume of $495. SEED price is up 3.5% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 SEED coins and a max supply of 100 Billion. If you are looking to buy or sell Sesameseed, PoloniDEX is currently the most active exchange You can come back and play every hour to win additional Free Crypto.com Coin each time! You would also get 50% of what your referrals get from us as well. LUCKY NUMBER. PAYOUT. 0 - 9885. 0.02102060 CRO. 9886 - 9985. 0.22071633 CRO. 9986 - 9993 As a seed investor, you will have access to pre-money valuation that investors in the later stages of the raise will not have. Download Whitepaper. A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Three layers of protection & Seed Encryption Posted on: October 30, 2018 Last updated on: October 30, 2018 Written by: admin Hacking proof OS Thanks to an independent operating system, which is located directly on FrostyCrypto wallet, you do not have to worry about whether your operating system is infected with malware. Tor network A popular way to steal crypto assets Continue reading. Crypto.com Wallet ist eine App für iOS und Android, mit der du deine Coins wie Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin und viele andere aufbewahren, senden und erhalten kannst, ohne dabei die volle Kontrolle über deine Kryptowährung aufzugeben. Denn in Crypto.com Wallet verfügst du über die privaten Schlüssel und musst somit dein Geld keinen Dritten anvertrauen

If you can memorize this seed phrase, your brain essentially becomes your crypto wallet. Check out our favorite cold wallet . Click on the image to view our favourite hardware wallet on Amazon . Lending Platform ‣ Using a centralized platform such as BlockFi or the Celsius App ‣ While nothing is as safe as a cold wallet - platforms like BlockFi allow you to earn interest on your crypto. BIP39 seed phrase example: gravity trophy suspect shrimp sheriff avocado label trust tragic dove pitch title network myself task spell protect smooth diary sword brain blossom bulb under. The seed words generated by your wallet is not some random words. These words are pulled from a specific set of 2048 words known as BIP39 word list. It is currently available in English, French, Italian. Seed Cards were first created to write down your seed phrase associated with a digital wallet. A seed phrase is a list of words which stores all the information needed to recover a cryptocurrency wallet. These are extremely important as they keep your funds safe and are not controlled by any 3rd party or bank. The seed card transformed into a vehicle to help spread crypto awareness by. La seed ou phrase mnémotechnique est utilisée par tous les wallets dits non-custodial, c'est-à-dire que vous possédez pleinement l'accès à la clef privée de votre portefeuille. Vous aurez simplement besoin de 2 wallets pour importer les fonds du premier dans le deuxième. On vous explique en vidéo comment procéder pas à pas Crypto.com review: key features. Spend cryptocurrency with its well-known Crypto.com Visa Card and get up to 8% back on spending.; Crypto.com App - Buy over 100 cryptocurrencies at true cost and manage the Crypto.com Visa Card, which allows users to pay for daily purchases with crypto.; Crypto Earn - Deposit crypto and earn up to 8% (up to 14% for stablecoins), paid weekly in your deposited.

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versuscrypto.com is owned by Bitcoin Seed Fund - We power the future of digital enterprise and finance with the most tangible digital assets, domain names Crypto.com was founded back in 2016 as Monaco Technologies GmbH with Kris Marszalek as CEO. The company underwent a rebranding and become Crypto.com in July 2018. Crypto.com serves over 10 million customers today, with the world's fastest-growing crypto app, along with the Crypto.com Visa Card, the Crypto.com Exchange and Crypto.com DeFi Wallet

From there, they generate a seed phrase on our platform (or log in if they have already done so). From there, they send tokens from their BSC wallet to their NLIFE platform wallet. After that, they are able to play any game on the platform! For liquidity staking, the user would need to provide liquidity for the NLIFE/BNB pair on Pancakeswap. Afterwards, the user can click on the Staking link. The Team — Seed of Life. For the people, by the people. Seed of Life. The Team How to Buy Buy SEED White Paper Chart Contract Testimonials AMAs Volunteer. Meet the Family. Chelsi Snyder. Indiana, US. Chelsi (pictured left) with the late Preston Pameijer, whose love and encouragement was a considerable inspiration for Seed of Life. Fazan Syed Seed Backup; Buy/Sell; Video; donate; blog; Important! Backing up your wallet seed-phrases is not something to be overlooked. Cold Storage. 01. Paper back-up. your seed phrase can be written on paper and stored safely. 02. It could be etched into a card size piece of metal. 03. Crypto Capsule There are many ways to store you crypto wallet back-up phrase. It's up to you to research which is. Um die Seeds definitiv vor Hausbrand, Überschwemmug und Co. zu schützen könnt ihr den Seed auch digital in eine Textdatei packen und diese anschließend (verschlüsselt) bei diversen Filehostern lagern. ACHTUNG: Hierfür unbedingt, wie in Punkt 3) beschrieben, ein sauberes Offline-System verwenden. Um jedoch auch hier möglichst sicher vor Diebstahl zu sein ist meine Empfehlung folgende.

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  1. Note: We suggest using persistent_peers instead of seeds to provide stable state-sync experience. # Step 2-3 Enable STATE-SYNC. STATE-SYNC is supported in our testnet! . With state sync your node will download data related to the head or near the head of the chain and verify the data. This leads to drastically shorter times for joining a network for validator. However, you should keep in.
  2. Seed Phase. Is typically where only the creators and insiders get to purchase. 2. Promotion Phase. Is where the word starts to spread to others who want in. 3. Exponential Growth. Is when most people try to purchase their currency. 4. Volatility Phase. This is where the extreme price swings happen as people take profits. 5. Maturity Phase. Is where prices of the currency start to stabilize.
  3. Hardware wallets at least give you a chance to restore your wallet if you lose the device using the 12-word seed phrase, if you have backed it up correctly. If you forget the mnemonic phrase or lose the file where you saved it, there is no guarantee that you will ever gain access back to the wallet

Verify your seed; Backing Up Your Seed. In the previous article we explained how control of your crypto boils down to control of something called a Private Key, a long alphanumeric string of characters. To make managing that crucial bit of data easier Mobile Wallets translate them into a Seed, essentially a collection of Secret Phrases. Blockchain.com uses 12 Secret phrases. When you are.

Seeds (SEEDS) es un activo digital con una capitalización de mercado de $0. Seeds se encuentra en el rango de en el rating global de criptomonedas con un volumen de trading diario medio de $4.8. Actualmente, su precio es de $0.11. En las últimas 24 horas el precio ha cambiado por 0%. Hay monedas de 0 en circulación. La puntuación de liquidez es 0 Find out what you can do with the Crypto.com all-in-one crypto platform, how it works, what it costs, how to get the most out of it and the risks involved A mnemonic phrase or mnemonic seed is a set of typically either 12 or 24 words, which can be used to derive an infinite number of accounts. Often times these phrases are used by cryptocurrency hardware wallets, to be written down on a piece of paper by the user to safely back up the users' funds. For example, a 12 word mnemonic phrase looks like this: jealous expect hundred young unlock.

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CMRUM3. Casalemedia. Collects visitor data related to the user's visits to the website, such as the number of visits, average time spent on the website and what pages have been loaded, with the purpose of displaying targeted ads. 1 year How to buy RareCoin. One. Download the Trust Wallet app on smartphone or tablet. Once downloaded, open the app and create new wallet by writing down your unique 12-word recovery seed phrase and store it securely in a safe place and NEVER share it with anyone. Important: Your 12 word phrase and private key should be protected as this is a key to.

April 30: DeFi light game CryptoTycoon has announced the confirmation of the institutional fundraising seed round. Participating institutions include HappyBlock, CryptoDiffer, R8 Capital, A195 Capital, 4SV, AKG Venture, PrimeBlock Ventures, Amplio Capital (BitMart Labs), T3E (MW partners), Infinity Labs, CatcherVC, BenMo Labs, BEST, Horizon Capital, Ternary Capital, 7Star Capital Stemma launches with $4.8M seed to build managed data catalogue. As companies increasingly rely on data to run their businesses, having accurate sources of data becomes paramount. Stemma, a new. Ballet Crypto is a mobile app that serves as the digital interface for your non-electronic Ballet wallet.. The app allows you to send, receive, and monitor the cryptocurrency stored on your Ballet wallet, all while the private key remains securely offline on the physical wallet itself. This security model is a powerful defense against hacking and malware Lever. Network, the number one AMM-based decentralized margin trading platform is excited to announce the successful completion of a $600,000 seed funding round led by LD Capital, ArkStream Capital, AU21 Capital, along with contributions from NGC Venture, DAOMaker, YBB, DFG Crypto, and other top VCs in the field. The fund raised from the seed round [ Compare Crypto.com alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. SourceForge ranks the best alternatives to Crypto.com in 2021. Compare features, ratings, user reviews, pricing, and more from Crypto.com competitors and alternatives in order to make an informed decision for your business. 1

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One of the positives that BillFODL offers for its users is that its wallet/s offer a multi-seed key storage solution through its dedicated wallet known as the Multishard. BillFODL - How it Works. The company offers a couple of products, but these typically consist of multiples of its hard wallets. Specifically the singular BillFODL, which costs $79 on its own, and the MultiShard - which. Though these wallets may promise you the seed and control of your funds, never fall for them without proper due-diligence. It is one of the easiest ways to scam people and happens many times during the launch of Bitcoin forks. These wallets take your seed or private keys and rip you off your BTC too. ⛔️#Scam #Alert: we received reports that users had their funds wiped out by a clone of our. Zeta Global. Extra Crunch roundup: Guest posts wanted, 'mango' seed rounds, Expensify's tech stack. Walter Thompson, Annie Siebert. 1:17 PM PDT • June 4, 2021. Prospective contributors.

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If you are comparing fees Crypto.com would be the way to go for now. They are offering no fees on debit card purchases! As for security would be coinbase as they have insurance and is big organistion. As for trading, coinbase dont not have that many tokens available as compared to crypto.com. As for coinhako im not too sure, for me i use Tokenize Xchange as my fiat on ramp! 2. . 1. If you have a seed phrase, click on 'Import wallet'. If you don't, click on 'create a wallet' to set up. We will be using an old account. So, you can just enter the seed phrase to access your wallet. If you want to create a new wallet, click on 'create a wallet', and you'll be asked to create a password. Once you've set up your wallet, you can safely store your seed phrase.

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Storing your seed phrase properly is very important, as it's your final chance to save your crypto from oblivion; There are services to secure and backup your seed phrase, so consider using one if you're fairly clumsy; You've finally decided to listen to the proof of keys movement and get your crypto off of exchanges and into your own hardware wallet, but then it goes missing. We've. MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet provider, has alerted its users of a recent phishing bot that aims to steal their seed phrases. MetaMask warned users in a tweet on Monday, May 3, that the bot attempts to steer users to a malicious website. purported instant support portal where they are prompted to enter information into a Google Docs form. PHISHING ALERT!: a new type of phishing. YubiKey for accounts. Simple, convenient, and secure user authentication. Works with more apps and services out of the box than any other security key. Affordable backup key. No extra hardware or cables required. Easy to use - it works with just a tap. Eliminates the need for sending cryptocurrency to hardware cold wallet Crypto.com has launched a $200 million fund for crypto startups. It will issue cheques for seed rounds from $100,000 to $3 million and fund series A rounds between $3 million to $10 million. The company also reached 10 million users last week. Crypto.com has launched a $200 million fund for crypto startups, according to an announcement from the. Crypto.com Capital gives founders building in the crypto industry two things: a reputable lead investor for their Seed or Series A rounds, and priority of launch on the world's fastest growing.

Crypto.com Chain (CRO) CRO has a supply of 100,000,000,000 CRO and had it's CMC trading launch at 15-12-2018. Native Blockchain, Enabling transactions worldwide between merchants and cryptocurrency users — seamless, secure and cost efficient. Also used in its DeFi Swap for liquidity incentives (11-9-2020) In crypto, you and only you hold your coins by owning a secret seed, phrase, or private key, that is... Read More. Meloch November 3, 2020. How Bitcoin Black Can Change The World. Bitcoin Black is an improvement in the monetary system's efficiency and not being constrained by boundaries. The biggest problem with... Read More. Meloch November 3, 2020. Personal Data of 250,000 People From 20. 9) Always Use Strong Passwords (With 20 Characters Or More And Private Keys With A Minimum Of A 24-Word Seed Phrase, Stored On A Cold Wallet With A Security Rating Of EAL5 Or Higher). 10) Only Use Trusted, Secure Networks. 11) Never Talk About Your Cryptocurrency Or Investments. 12) Keep All Your Cryptocurrency Trades Small

Library 8.5. Crypto++ Library is a free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes. The library contains the following algorithms: Algorithm. Name. authenticated encryption schemes. GCM, CCM, EAX, ChaCha20Poly1305, XChaCha20Poly1305. high speed stream ciphers. ChaCha (8/12/20) , ChaCha (IETF) HC (128/256), Panama, Rabbit (128/256), Sosemanuk. Solana is a high-performance blockchain supporting builders around the world creating crypto apps that scale today

Project SEED(プロジェクトシード)の最新アナウンス・上場情報・ニュースまとめ。海外の仮想通貨情報を日本語かつ速報でお届けします TreeDefi (SEED) é um ativo digital com capitalização de mercado de $0. TreeDefi é classificado como no rating global de criptomoedas com um volume médio diário de transações de $561.3K. Atualmente, o preço é de $25.89. Nas últimas 24 horas, o preço foi alterado em -0.006%. Existem 0 moedas em circulação. A pontuação de liquidez é 25.745 Crypto.com Capital, the endeavor arm of Crypto.com buys crypto start-ups at Seed and Series A phases. With $200 million allocated for financial investment, Crypto.com Capital is devoted to speeding up the development of appealing start-ups. Crypto.com Capital provides creators integrating in the crypto market 2 things: a trusted lead financier for their Seed or Series A rounds, and concern of. Cryptocurrency company Crypto.com has appointed Steven Kalifowitz as its chief marketing officer. Bringing more than 20 years of experience managing world class brands, Kalifowitz has a proven.

The Crypto.com Chain Testnet has been named as Thaler If you have participated in the v0.3.1 testnet and have backed up your seed phrase, you can restore it with the client-cli, for example: $ client-cli wallet restore --name < WALLET_NAME > You can then create a staking address with: $ client-cli address new --name <WALLET_NAME> --type Staking If the created address matches one of the. Visit the post for more

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In zwei Seed Runden im Februar und Juni 2018 sammelte BlockFi $3,9 Millionen ein, allen voran der VC ConsenSys Ventures aus San Francisco. Es folgten weitere Investments sowie eine riesige $50 Millionen Kapital-Spritze in Form von Wandelanleihen, um die Liquiditätsversorgung sicherzustellen. Im August 2019 und Februar 2020 sammelten sie weitere $18,3 Millionen als Series A und $30 Millionen. Home . Welcome to the Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network! If you live, work, or shop in the Monadnock region, you're welcome to join! Whether you are new to decentralized currencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), DASH, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), etc, or an experienced user, you are welcome We have done that for you and compiled a list of the best crypto storage websites with all their pros and cons. 1. Ledger - Best Cold Wallet. Platforms: Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android. Coins: 1184 (Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, etc.) Pros

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Crypto.com has been growing and evolving since the launch of the first-ever crypto-backed Visa card in 2018. Having supported the Crypto.org Chain through the Crossfire testnet, we are excited to support mainnet launch. By providing expertise and easy-to-use infrastructure, we aim to make it easier for anyone to participate in the network How to Import, Export, Store and Manage Private Keys in Cryptocurrency Wallets May 31 2020 · 10:14 UTC | Updated Jun 20 2020 · 11:15 UTC by Jeff Fawkes · 11 min rea On the third screen you'll see four options: Create a new seed, I already have a seed, Use a master key and Use a hardware device. Select Use a hardware device and click next. The program will scan to see if a hardware device is available. If so, you should see the option to select an unnamed ledger [ledger, initialized]. Click next. You will be asked to choose the type of addresses in your.

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CorfuCrypto - CorfuCrypto.com. Coinlib Widget. Bitcoin [BTC] € 38,934.01 -13.83% Ethereum [ETH] € 1,226.23 -18.66% Binance Coin [BNB] € 175.17 -20.10% Cardano [ADA] € 0.77 -9.24% XRP [XRP] € 0.36 -21.78% Litecoin [LTC] € 142.21 -19.69% Bitcoin Cash [BCH] € 408.80 -25.97% ChainLink [LINK] € 20.14 -22.80% Stellar [XLM] € 0.300. A public Key is a form of symmetric key cryptography that allows crypto users to receive cryptocurrencies to their crypto wallets. The public key is generated from the private key via a complicated mathematical algorithm, i.e., The Discrete Log Problem. It's therefore impossible to reverse the public key to get the private keys Our Mission. Innovatecrypto envisions to serve the masses in its modern-age fintech solution. We aim to be your go to investment platform with seamless and secure processing methods and with little transaction fees. We strive to stay the best in this industry as we have been doing, and to furthermore make sure your money is safe with our. Crypto.com, a full-service cryptocurrency exchange and payment service platform, has today announced that its Crypto.com DeFi Wallet now supports ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs on the Ethereum network. Moreover, support for Crypto.org Chain NFTs is currently in the works, which will enable users to even more conveniently send and manage collectibles within their wallet app. View [ But don't just hold onto your seed phrase: protect it as you would your coins, as anyone with the phrase can steal your crypto. Best crypto wallets: Best hardware crypto wallet (Image credit.

Lido learning raises Rs 30 crores in seed-1 funding rounddisseminated cryptococcosis - meddicPurina | | Cherokee Feed and Seed | Ball Ground, GAOlives Nutrition facts and Health benefitsNutrena Horse Feeds | | Cherokee Feed and Seed | Ball

A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, or crypto is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in a form of a computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, to control the creation of additional coins, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership Published by CryptoNinjas.net. 05/12/2021. COINQVEST, a crypto payment API, invoicing, and management platform, today announced it was selected as the top business in the latest Stellar Seed Fund. The platform was awarded first place by a panel of Stellar Development Foundation members and peers in the Stellar ecosystem The recently completed seed funding round, according to a press release shared with Altcoin Buzz, will help Staking Rewards launch the Trustpilot of Crypto. The independent data aggregator and research platform will now be able to launch its registry for staking and decentralized finance ( DeFi) yield providers You have access to either you private keys or your seed phrase for backing up the wallet; My setup: AtomicWallet - Have funds here and am staking AWC; TrustWallet - Have funds here and like the built in access to the Binance DEX; Brave - Have funds here and use the to do the bulk of my interactions with dApps ; Referral for AtomicWallet (I get nothing, you get nothing) - https://atomicwallet.

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