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Klicken Sie auf der Startseite oder auf einer beliebigen Seite auf Erstellen und wählen Sie dann Neues Dossier aus. Ihr Dossier wird erstellt und angezeigt und enthält eine einzelne leere Visualisierung. Wird die Seite Erste Schritte angezeigt, klicken Sie auf Erste Schritte, um das Dossier zu öffnen. Die Seite Erste Schritte enthält Dossier-Beispiele und Tutorial-Videos MicroStrategy 2020: Freeform Dossiers and Documents. Learn about the new features available for analysts and application developers in MicroStrategy 2020, including the new freeform open canvas, attribute and metric selectors, powerful compound grids, linking between dossiers, and our new Document editor in Workstation

About Dossiers. A dossier is an interactive display that you can use to quickly and easily explore your business data. For example, you can: View visual representations of the data (called visualizations) in the dossier to make the data easier to interpret. Sort and rearrange data in visualizations From the Windows Start menu, choose Programs (or All Programs ), MicroStrategy Documentation, then Product Manuals. A page opens in your browser showing a list of available manuals in PDF format and other documentation sources. Click the link for the desired manual or other documentation source Ausführen von Dossiers im Präsentationsmodus. Sie können ein Dossier einsehen, ohne dass Sie alle Navigationsfunktionen, wie Symbolleisten, Menüs und Abschnitte, die in der standardmäßigen Benutzeroberfläche verfügbar sind, anzeigen müssen. Dies ermöglicht Ihnen die Maximierung der Datenmenge, die Sie gleichzeitig anzeigen können, während Sie weiterhin dazu in der Lage sind, mit Ihren Daten zu interagieren. Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die Daten im. In both dossier and documents, you can use panels or layers to move objects to the background or foreground to create a layered effect. Dossiers As of MicroStrategy 2020, dossier's free-form layout allows you to place your visualizations, text boxes, images, selectors, etc. wherever you want on the canvas and use the layers panel to control their placement MicroStrategy Document Creation This guide is the primary resource for you to use to learn about designing and creating MicroStrategy Report Services documents using MicroStrategy Developer. It builds on the basic concepts about documents presented in the Getting Started with Documents section of the MicroStrategy Web help, which helps document designers understand how end users will use documents for data analysis

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  1. To convert a dossier to a document. Click the name of a dossier to run it. From the File menu, select Convert to Document. Or, from the dossier's toolbar, click the Convert to Document icon . A confirmation message is displayed. Click OK. The dossier is converted to a document and displayed in Design Mode. Click the Save icon . Related Topic
  2. MicroStrategy Dossier makes it easy to build insightful and engaging dashboards—and with the free-form canvas, the latest 2020 platform release has introduced new game-changing, design-focused features. Join data visualization specialist Len OToole of InfoCepts for this interactive session, where you'll learn about
  3. MicroStrategy Web 2019. Format Dossiers and Visualizations. After you create a dossier, you can format it by selecting a display theme, creating color palettes, and defining default fonts. These formatting options apply to all visualizations within your dossier for a consistent look and feel. Once you add visualizations to your dossier, you can format each visualization individually. You can.
  4. Dossiers and Documents are vectors for sharing information Documents and Dossiers address both worlds You'll see that they exist at different points on the agility and governance spectra. Thus, they permit the widening of an ad option net for an enterprise deployment of MicroStrategy
  5. Creating a dossier. A dossier is an interactive display that you can create to showcase and explore business data. You can add simple visual representations of the data (called visualizations) to the dossier to make the data easier to interpret, perform manipulations on the data to customize which information to display, organize data into multiple sheets and pages to provide a logical flow to your dossier, and so on. You can quickly and easily create a polished dossier without requiring a.

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MicroStrategy Web 2019. How to Save a Personal View of a Dossier, Document, or Report. You can save your own custom view of a dossier, document, or report using a personal view. A personal view is a lightweight copy of a dossier, document, or report, and includes every change that you made to the dossier, document, or report since you opened it, including: Creating metrics; Filtering; Pivoting. Since MicroStrategy 10.9, Visual Insight Dashboards (Usually known as VI) were renamed to Dossiers. For future reference, when the term Dossier is used in this document it also refers to Visual Insight Dashboards. This document is intended for MicroStrategy customers who are concerned about their Dossiers performance during execution and manipulation (changing selectors or filters. email a report or document on a schedule In MicroStrategy Web, on a folder page, hover the mouse cursor over the object and click Subscription. On the My Subscriptions page, under the Email section, click Add email subscription. Type a name for the subscriptio MicroStrategy Library provides MicroStrategy reporting and analysis capabilities across all of your client interfaces, including Web, iOS, and Android devices. To use these capabilities, you first need to add a dossier or document to your library

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  1. Infographic-Style Dossiers. 16:35. To continue watching, please sign in or create a MicroStrategy account. Resume watching. 5502 Views | January 20, 2021
  2. In part one of this video tutorial series, Kevin Thompson from our Customer Education team describes the types of dataset objects you'll encounter on a Micro..
  3. Product Name. Description. ReporterPro. Client ReporterPro provides access to the new MicroStrategy application, downloadable for Windows and Mac. The application delivers a modern, high-performance vehicle for accessing and collaborating on Dossiers and Documents. Users can access interactive dossiers alongside RSDs, with improved speed and.

MicroStrategy 2020: Dossiers y documentos de formato libre. Conoce las nuevas funciones disponibles para analistas y desarrolladores de aplicaciones en MicroStrategy 2020, incluida la nueva ventana abierta de formato libre, selectores de atributos e indicadores, potentes cuadrículas compuestas, vínculos entre dossiers y nuestro nuevo editor. User without the Web edit Dossier privilege cannot edit a dossier by navigating from Library Web to MicroStrategy Web. Web Document design: Create a document page, access Design Mode for documents, and perform WYSIWYG editing of documents in Flash Mode. This privilege is required to define conditional formatting MicroStrategy Workstation. Whether you're deploying dossiers and documents, building HyperIntelligence cards, or managing an entire Intelligent Enterprise, Workstation empowers you to do everything from one place. Play Video 42:05 The Intelligent Enterprise starts with you. Ready to put your data to work? MicroStrategy Workstation delivers everything you need to access, visualize, and analyze. Dossiers Documents; 1. Export to PDF: Export to PDF is available for the entire dossier and as well as for each chart: Export to PDF for custom charts is unavailable. Charts get converted to grid. 2. Hide Vitara Property Editor: When we run the vitara charts in presentation mode, charts don't show 'Edit' button. User privileges are used to disable Vitara Property editor in MSTR Documents. Source: MicroRooster.blogspot.com Twitter: @MicroRoosterFormat: A MicroStrategy Online Training Video blog.Description: This video introduces the newly minte..

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About MicroStrategy objects. Your MicroStrategy project consists of several different types of objects, including dossiers, documents, reports, filters, prompts, and more. The information below explains what purpose each object serves, and describes how you can use the object to better analyze your organization's data. Providing business context to a report: Attributes . Attributes are the. MicroStrategy 2020: Freeform Dossiers and Documents Learn about the new features available for analysts and application developers in MicroStrategy 2020, including the new freeform open canvas, attribute and metric selectors, powerful compound grids, linking between dossiers, and our new Document editor in Workstation Learn MicroStrategy; Latest Release; All Posts; Visit our Website; Benefits of creating a dossier vs. creating a document. Taylor Houck. Follow. Feb 11 · 10 min read. The goal of this article is to help users become more comfortable deciding whether they should create a document or a dossier. So, do you want to build a dossier or document? To the tune of Frozen's Do you want to Build a.

MicroStrategy Documents were perfect for that, you just needed to have the whole document in a single screen and you had a perfect dashboard done with MicroStrategy. Of course we are talking now about the time when people started to look at their data without printing them, maybe publishing them on the company intranet or some primitive websites. MicroStrategy embraced this internet revolution. As of MicroStrategy 2020, you can use dossier linking to navigate between different dossiers within the same project while preserving filtering criteria. Linking can improve dossier performance by eliminating the need to include all possible datasets for a single workflow in the same Dossier. For example, you include high-level business KPIs in an overview dossier for executives that then. Dossier authoring comes with many features to help you create a flexible layout. The more screen resolutions you support, the more audiences you will be able to reach. In the following example, our analyst created a design that looks perfect, when viewed at exactly the right size. She later discovered it looks distorted on other screens. Let's dive into some of the best practices to optimize. All things MicroStrategy by Len OToole, a top voice in the MicroStrategy world. See Demos, Top Features, Articles, Data &. Visualization Best Practices. Stay up to date on the latest version of MicroStrategy Business Intelligence software Stunning D3 and Highcharts based library of charts for use with MicroStrategy. Custom visuals work in Desktop, Visual Insights, Documents and Mobile

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  1. In this brief video tutorial, Anahi Serrano from our Customer Education team demonstrates how to enable Document links that will join documents that exist in..
  2. MicroStrategy REST API & Dossier Embedded Demo. App Description: This App is a sample demo app to show the users how to use MicroStrategy REST APIs as well as how to embed dossier(s) into a 3rd party application. In this demo, we show documents in the MicroStrategy Tutorial project under Public Objects folder. The user can use the search bar to.
  3. MicroStrategy started supporting export of custom visuals only from version 10.6. Prior to that you would only see a grid exported. Export to PDF will work in vitara charts from web dossiers, web library, and workstation. MicroStrategy does not support export of custom visuals from Documents. This is a limitation in MicroStrategy that we have requested a fix for several times. What is the.

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  1. Check out our product documentation to learn more! Optimizing Dossier for Different Screen Sizes. Want to learn how to make your dossiers pleasant on the eyes no matter how users choose to view them? MicroStrategy 2021 introduces new Dossier Authoring features that allow you to create flexible layouts so that your dossiers look outstanding no matter the screen size or orientation. Follow along.
  2. Open MicroStrategy Desktop and click New Dossier on the left panel. On the dossier window, click on New Data to add data to the dossier. From the list of data sources, search for EXASolution and select it. The Select Import Options window is displayed. Click on Select tables option if you want to import specific tables from your Exasol instance. The Import from Table window is displayed. If.
  3. These sample are provided for documentation purposes. Java 12 10 0 6 Updated Jun 1, 2021. embedding-sdk-samples A collection of samples highlighting functionality and workflows of the Embedding SDK HTML Apache-2.0 5 2 0 2 Updated May 20, 2021. hyper-sdk HyperIntelligence SDK by MicroStrategy. javascript sdk web microstrategy HTML 2 2 0 1 Updated May 18, 2021. data-api-demo Demo application.
  4. VI Dashboards or Dossiers. When the user runs the VI Dashboard/Dossier in Presentation Mode Vitara Charts do not display the 'Edit' button. Report Services Documents. In MicroStrategy User Privileges and File Permissions are the two concepts by which we can implement security at different levels of users. Vitaracharts can be configured using the security model so that.

MicroStrategy is aggregate aware and it will choose the best table to run the report from and we can use this wonderful feature for optimal performance. Metadata partitioning: In MicroStrategy, you can build metadata that provides a way for MicroStrategy to choose a table for the query. This provides a more flexible way for us to provide partitioning than just basing on database partitioned. On MicroStrategy Desktop and Workstation we no longer enforce license validation. So use of VitaraCharts is freely permitted on these applications. Deployment Steps Desktop Version 10.10 or newer. For Desktop use, just import the downloaded VitaraCharts.zip file. In order to import, Open an existing mstr file or choose to create a new Dossier. You will see the list of custom visualizations at. Dossier Freeform Canvas. This new functionality allows users to overlap different components in a dossier. As a developer, this is one of the MicroStrategy 2020 features I am most excited about because it takes dossiers to the next level. The possibility of creating a custom layout takes care of many of the limitations dossiers had in previous. These three simple steps are all it takes to embed a MicroStrategy Dossier. For a guided walk-through with instructions and sample code, use the Quick Start Guide.For a working sample for embedding a Dossier in a third-party application, use Embedding API sample, using REST APIs.. If you want to interact with the Dossier, MicroStrategy also provides an API reference to help you do the following Conditional formatting in MicroStrategy involves highlighting parts of the visualization, which meets some pre-defined criteria in their values. Usually in case of metrics, we want to highlight the values which are greater than a certain percentage. There can also be examples of highlighting some category of product names, etc. In MicroStrategy desktop, we can achieve this using the threshold.

To help you get started embedding MicroStrategy content into a web application or portal, we have provided a simple downloadable sample that embeds a MicroStrategy dossier into an HTML page. By design, the code in this sample only shows how to embed a dossier and nothing else. However, you can extend the sample by adding other functionality supported by the Embedding API, such as controllin WHAT'S NEW IN MICROSTRATEGY 11.0 4 NEW FEATURES FOR BUSINESS USERS 4 New Bookmarks for Dossiers 4 Bookmarks, Though Helpful in Web, Are Even Handier in Mobile 5 Recommendations for Report Service Documents 6 Search and Find Dossier Recommendations on iOS and Android Smartphones 6 Beautiful, Optimized Super Retina Display on iPhone X Microstrategy Dossier training videos Adding data to a Dossier: Creating a visualization filter in Dossier: Sending Dossier to User libraries: How to format Dossiers: Adding a designer filter to a Dossier: Use Bookmarks in Dossiers: Dynamic Links in Dossier: Recreating documents from Dossiers: Exploring and searching in Dossiers: Exploring.

MicroStrategy Web provides a wide range of parameters that can be used in combination to achieve different types of requests. The two fundamental parameters are the evt (short for event) parameter and the src (short for source) parameter. Every request to a MicroStrategy Web product corresponds to a specific event or action, which is handled by a specific MicroStrategy Web. MicroStrategy REST. MicroStrategy platform capabilities exposed in a RESTful web service. When a user is authenticated, an authorization token and a session cookie are returned and must be provided in every subsequent request. Browsers automatically handle cookies, but if you are using your own client, you need to maintain the cookie and.

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10.9 Dossier. 11.0 NLQ. 11.0 Platform Analytics. Advanced Analytics and Data Mining. Capability Videos. Data Assets. Documents. Dossier. Mobile. Reports. Tutorial Home . Visualizations. What's New in MicroStrategy 10 . Shared Reports My Subscriptions MicroStrategy Library: Help Logout: Previous Versions > Getting Started Shared Reports MicroStrategy Tutorial. MicroStrategy Tutorial > Shared. The dossier or document created in 4.0 Grid chart and opened in 4.2 version will display the Arial font. In the 4.1 version you can see the default font is Times New Roman. In the 4.2 version you can see the default font is Arial. Children count are hidden in 4.2 by default. A change is made in Grid chart property in the 4.2 build, where by default the children count be in hidden mode. In the.

Once your Dossier is published in the MicroStrategy Library you will need to copy the URL for the specific Dossier you want to embed. Jupyter Notebook and Magic Cells For those not familiar with Jupyter Notebook, it is a very popular tool for writing code since you can combine code cells with other cell types such as Markdown or LaTeX (for formatting mathematical formulae) This capability is now available for grids within dossiers and Report Services Documents. microstrategy.com 9 MicroStrategy What's new in 10.11 New out-of-the-box visualizations With dossiers, users can quickly visualize data with out-of-the-box grids, graphs, charts, and maps. 10.11 introduces three new visualizations with extensive usecases for scientific and marketing analyses. Waterfall.

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Existing MicroStrategy users can connect the app to their MicroStrategy environment to view current content in the MicroStrategy Library. Note that this app will only work with environments on 2019 Update 7 and higher. New users can experience MicroStrategy by downloading the app and using our preconfigured demo dossiers. Legal Note: This application may include user-generated content that. 45+ [REAL-TIME] MicroStrategy Interview Questions & Answers. MicroStrategy is an enterprise level tools, which has multiple usages in the software world or other words, it is an enterprise business intelligence application and data warehousing reporting tool. MicroStrategy platform can conceive multiple aspects like interactive dashboards.

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Report Services Documents that contain prompts can now be accessed via the Library with an enhanced prompting interface. Similar to Report Services Documents, authors can set the default prompt choices for dossiers and whether or not the prompts should be shown on initial execution. In the MicroStrategy Library, an end user's prompt selections will be retained each subsequent time the. Below document outlines the steps to perform transformation on the metric/KPI that you're interested for the analysis based on a date column. This helps self service analysis to perform transformation easily within the dossier. Step 01: Drag the Category attribute into Grid sectio MicroStrategy documents and dossiers include a join behavior setting on datasets as seen in the screenshot below. This setting is built to control joins between the two datasets but only in specific scenarios. This can lead to confusion when using the product and results other than what is expected in some scenarios. The main misunderstanding centers around reporting scenarios with lack of. MicroStrategy Workstation Become a More Intelligent Enterprise Whether you're working with dossiers, cards, documents, or managing an entire intelligent enterprise, Workstation empowers you to do everything from one place Flush any browser caches and access the dossier/documents from a new browser window (to avoid any issues with a previously used license file) Configure Path for library app and custom font/css support. If you have any customization applied in the global.txt or customStyles.css (like the corporate color palette for instance), you will need to update the config path and point to the web server.

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A custom plugin that allows you to view the SQL of a dossier within the UI. Florian Florian 11 Jun 2021 • 1 min read Invoking a Task from within a MicroStrategy Document. How to invoke a task from within a MicroStrategy document. Florian Florian 6 Jan 2020 • 2 min read. database role. What is a DBRole in MicroStrategy? What's a DB Role in the MSTR Web SDK? It's a DBInstance. Florian. In MicroStrategy 9.4.1, the ability to link/unlink attributes in Report Services documents and Visual Insight dashboards was introduced for data import cubes. However, users may notice that in certain scenarios, the link/unlink option is either greyed out or does not appear This document does not describe in detail how to operate MicroStrategy software, because that information is provided in documentation provided by MicroStrategy. For more information about the operation of MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Developer, or other tools provided by MicroStrategy, refer to the MicroStrategy Platform Documentation CD, or go directly to MicroStrategy product. We can use Vitara text node chart as a text container to show title of the dossier/document. Along with the background image feature, we can create a beautiful title to our dossier/document using vitara text node chart. 4. IBCS Specific Usage. Note: To know the IBCS features and functionalities please refer to the IBCS user guide. We can use below macros in the text node chart in conjunction. Esri Maps for MicroStrategy lets you create rich, dynamic maps that interact with other datasets in your documents and reports. Note: Esri Maps for MicroStrategy has been retired effective February 01, 2019 [PDF] and is no longer available for download. If you have already downloaded Esri Maps for MicroStrategy you can continue to use it

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When the business users check dossiers( a collection of documents about a particular topic/ person) in the available library of documents on MicroStrategy, the application remembers the last closed page and returns the same when the user comes back. This provides the users with personalized views without making any actual changes in the dossier. In the latest version, users have the option to. Overview. When using MicroStrategy Secure Analytics 10.x, INDEXIMA can be connected to MicroStrategy Developer, MicroStrategy Web, and MicroStrategy Desktop by using its JDBC dri In MicroStrategy 9.x Distribution Services, it is possible to create an email subscription to a report or Report Services document which will be executed when a certain conditional threshold is met based on another executing report. For example, a scheduled report executes which shows the Revenue by day for the past week. If the Revenue on any one day falls below a certain value, a subcription. Achieve Trusted Self Service Visualizations with MicroStrategy Dossier. 336 views | June 25, 2020. 59:47. MicroStrategy 2020 Update 2: Accelerate Creation and Consumption of Dossiers and HyperIntelligence . 388 views | June 30, 2020. Analyst Reports. Data to Decisions: Business and Technology Trends Enterprises Must Track Through 2024 The 2020 Vision: The Next Decade For Enterprise Analytics. It's been about two months since we held the first ever virtual MicroStrategy World. It brought together our customers, partners, and investors to network, share their vision, and hear live from MicroStrategy experts about our latest features and products, as well as our bitcoin treasury reserve strategy

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Create an alert-based subscription in MicroStrategy Distribution Services on Web Subscription to a report or Report Services document which will be executed when a certain conditional threshold is met based on another executing report. For example, a scheduled report executes which shows the Revenue by day for the past week. If the Revenue on any one day falls below a certain value, a. MicroStrategy Developer/Architect is responsible for architecting MicroStrategy platform-based Business Intelligence projects. Work to understanding requirements, conduct analysis and communicate solution options. Design MicroStrategy architecture and construct reporting solutions including standard reports, documents, Dossiers, et Microstrategy document/dashboard applying selections as filters or slices. July 05, 2018 Applying selections as filters or slices In a Microstrategy Document the selections a user makes in a selector can either filter or slice the data in the target: Filtering means that the data for the current selection is calculated only when it is requested by the user. The selections are used to filter.

The solution below provides a step by step guide on how to hide the navigation bar in a MicroStrategy Web Document using CSS inside an HTML Container - this solution does not require using the MicroStrategy Web SDK. It is guaranteed to work in MicroStrategy 10.X and it can be useful on embed analytics projects, where MicroStrategy Report Services Documents are displayed in Microsoft SharePoint. SYMPTOM In MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise 10.x, document/dashboard (VI) execution performance can be slow or memory consumption be higher when running a document/dashboard containing multiple datasets. Also, it is verified that the project and document are configured to enable the join of data from multiple datasets. CAUSE This issue can be seen in certain documents, where the datasets. Starting in MicroStrategy Desktop 9.0.2, the Portable Documents feature can be used to export a Report Services document template and import it into blank documents. This feature is particularly useful for recreating documents that have object corruption without having to manually recreate the formatting on a new document. Exporting the Document Template: More than one Report Service documents. MicroStrategy Desktop provides a variety of options to filter data in a report. It has simple filters, which get the data based on the values selected by the user. It also has features to create complex features, which will filter out data based on the calculations. In this chapter, we will learn the basic steps to create a filter on a column with non-numeric values. Example. In this example. Description. Built by the leader in mobile analytics, the MicroStrategy Library app lets you take your enterprise intelligence with you wherever you go—online or offline. The app acts a central hub to access a personalized set of modern analytics and visualizations: MicroStrategy dossiers. Access modern, interactive dossiers of analytics

Microstrategy is an enterprise-level Data Warehousing reporting tool and a Business Intelligence application. If you are looking for jobs in the field of Microstrategy, then this is the best platform for you to prepare from. Our set of Microstrategy interview questions are designed by experts from top companies who have mastered the skills in this popular tool. So, here is a list of. Dossiers 2 11.911 MicroStrategy Engines and SQL 2 11.061 Application Architect: Planning, Standardizing, and Implementing 2 11.031 Application Architect (APA) Certification 1 11.321 Administration for Enterprise Mobility 1 11.413 Advanced Documents: Interactivity and Joining Datasets 2 11.421 Advanced Mobile Applications 1 11.422 Database Write-back: Mobile Transactions 2 11.621 Advanced. MicroStrategy - Filtering Data in Dashboard. A dashboard is a document containing many visualizations displaying the results simultaneously. While carrying out data analysis, we may need to apply filter which will show the effect of the filter on each of the visualizations present in the dashboard. Also, all the results should have a.

MicroStrategy Edition: MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise MicroStrategy Desktop MicroStrategy Workstation Version: Feature release 10.11, Platform release 10.4 OCI Driver Oracle Instant Client/Client version and higher 1. This document assumes that the Autonomous Data Warehouse has been provisioned and the corresponding wallet zip file has been downloaded to the system that has the. Existing MicroStrategy users can connect the app to their MicroStrategy environment to view current content in the MicroStrategy Library. Note that this app will only work with environments on 2019 Update 7 and higher. New users can experience MicroStrategy by downloading the app and using our preconfigured demo dossiers Shared Reports My Subscriptions MicroStrategy Library: Help Logout: My Reports >.

VitaraCharts Dashboard Contest - 2020 | VitaraChartsEmbedded API sample: REST APIsTooltip Links | VitaraCharts - Custom visuals plugin forText Node | VitaraCharts - Custom visuals plugin for

Report Services documents: MicroStrategy Report Services documents (called documents) are available with the MicroStrategy Report Services product. Documents are a display of data from multiple reports with special formatting added, with interactive components, and so on. To see sample documents in Desktop: 1. Log in to MicroStrategy Tutorial. For steps, see Starting MicroStrategy Desktop. 2. MicroStrategy comes with several out-of-the-box development-ready portlets that require no additional coding. These portlets allow organizations to seamlessly embed MicroStrategy functionality with IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft SharePoint, and SAP NetWeaver, among others. A portal integration kit includes sample code and documentation for integrating MicroStrategy Web with other. Built by the leader in mobile analytics, the MicroStrategy Library app lets you take your enterprise intelligence with you wherever you go—online or offlin The MicroStrategy document management system converts reports into CSV and PDF formats, as well as Microsoft Excel and Access files. The system's version control features provide viewing access to all past document history. Specific features that often get mentioned in rave reviews of Tableau are related to the ability to push data into web formats, which is helpful for various kinds of.

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